What Can We Expect to Gain From Google+’s New Business Pages And How Will Inclusion Help With SEO?

Google launched the Google+ business Pages on 7th November 2011 and it would seem that in doing so it means to give online businesses a platform through which they can open up direct communication lines with customers and clients. This is in response to what online marketers have wanted for sometime. Twitter was seen as a means of doing this, but using Google+ business pages to build up a loyal following of customers would seem to make a lot of sense.For one thing, Google is the biggest search engine in the Internet, and getting a high ranking position on its pages is the goal of all online marketers. This being the case, it would be folly not to have a presence in those pages. Google has already offered carrots to businesses although it has said its pages cannot be used for contests, promotions etc. despite the fact that these are allowed on its arch-rival Facebook. The carrots come in the tantalizing prospect of rising in Google’s search engine rankings pages, as now you have Google +1 buttons on your pages, these will, if they are not used in this way already, help boost your position in Google’s SERPS. This cannot be ignored as Google’s search engine is used by more than a billion people according to Google. If you check your site’s stats and visitor entry paths how many of them do not come from Google?Clearly having a profile on Google+ business pages will help boost your site in the SERPS if only because it is a highly valuable backlink to our site.The business Page will be useful for you to gauge what rival companies are doing and you can use them to test the water for any new ideas or products you have, and get feedback from actual customers in your Hangout area. This is a good development too as you can host your own Hangout and communicate directly with fans. These can be categorized too using the Google Circles pages, so that you can have better targeted ads and only send them to people who will be interested rather than having one ad which is destined for everyone. This means that you need to think about how your products will appeal to different groups of people and work out your marketing strategies accordingly. Tailored or customized ads make a lot of sense, especially if you are aiming them at fans on Google+ who are well disposed to you and your company’s products.The continued popularity of Facebook is being questioned, as more and more people air their concerns about its privacy policy and the issues surrounding it. People are slowly becoming more conscious of these privacy issues, and here Google has a better track record over its rival, I feel. This brings the question of online reputation into the equation, which is another article in itself.No online marketer can afford not to be involved in this new opportunity for promoting their business online; this is especially the case with Google because of its dominating presence in the Internet. It is not only a good way of advertising your business, it is also a good way of Search Engine Optimization for your site, which is the name of the game, after all is said and done.

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